Home care or in-home care is collectively a set of professional non-medical caregiving services for activities of daily living (ADLs), that enables independent and safe aging in place at home. It also applies to persons who are convalescing from an illness or have chronic mental or physical conditions that render such care necessary.

The following is a list of typical services that home care entails, all of which Bridges provides:

We understand that when it comes to home care, you have choices; our main goal is to help you select the right services and the right agency for you and your loved one.  When choosing a home care agency, the most important factor to consider is the experience, integrity, and heart of the caregivers, because ultimately, they are the ones who will be providing care to you or your loved one.  To learn more about our awesome caregivers, click here.

Home Care Vs. Assisted Living

A common question we get is the difference between home care and assisted living and home health.  The main benefit of home care vs. assisted living is that home care enables the client to stay in the comfort of their own home, as opposed to uprooting everything and moving to an unfamiliar new setting.  In the age of Covid, many clients are opting for a home setting vs. a communal setting to maintain social distancing and reduce the risk of infection.

There is also often confusion between home care and home health.  Home care is generally non-medical, as is the case with Bridges; whereas home health as its name suggests, provides complementary medical services as prescribed by a physician.  Together, home care and home health can proffer a complete solution for you and your loved one.

See the table below for a full comparison between home care, assisted living, and home health.  To learn more about the Bridges difference, click here.

Assisted LivingHome Health
Stay in your own home
Maintain social distancing
Use only as many hours as you need
Covered by most long-term care (LTC) insurances
Get paid by LTC insurance for taking care of your loved one
Medical insurance coverage
Companion care
Personal care (PCS)Limited
Respite care
Meal prep
Post-hospital care
24-hour care
Medical services