Driving is one of the most basic privileges that we enjoy and take for granted as Americans.

Without it, we are confined to our homes; we are cut off from social events; we are deprived of groceries and daily essentials; and we have to rely on busy loved ones to drive us to places.  Our caregivers can provide a real connection to the outside world to which some of our clients would not otherwise have access.  In the age of Covid, even a joyride through the sunny countryside can really help brighten the day for some of our clients.

Our caregivers can:

  • Take you or your loved one to doctor’s appointments.
  • Help with contactless grocery and prescription pickups.
  • Take you or your loved one to supermarkets.
  • Take you or your loved one to church.
  • Take you or your loved one to small social gatherings with friends and family, as permitted by Covid guidelines.

All our caregivers have valid driver’s licenses.  We comply with all federal, state, and local social distancing and mask guidelines for Covid.  To learn more about our Covid statement, click here.

To learn more about our awesome caregivers, click here.