12 million Americans aged 65+ live alone, according to Pew Research.

In the age of Covid, physical and emotional isolation has greatly increased, with significantly reduced human interactions and selective self-quarantining, contributing further to a sense of loneliness, especially among seniors living alone.  Our experienced caregivers are great at providing that needed personal connection.

  • Our caregivers are great listeners, and are genuinely interested in our clients’ life stories and conversations that they wish to share. Many of our caregivers are older themselves, and can better relate to the experiences with which our clients grew up.
  • Our caregivers have great attention to detail, which comes from the heart. It can be something small like pulling up their blanket when your loved one is asleep, to providing medication reminders, to making sure your loved one stays hydrated.
  • Our caregivers can also engage in fun activities with your loved one, such as a game of chess or sudoku, taking them on a joyride through the countryside, or crafts and crochet.
  • Most of our caregivers become good friends with our clients, and establish a special bond that lasts for a lifetime.

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