For some of our clients, 24-hour care is necessary.

We usually provide this service for clients who have Alzheimer’s, dementia, or another chronic condition that renders them solely dependent on a caregiver; or they are end of life.  This is a most sensitive stage in our clients’ lives that require the utmost care, experience, and trust, since they oftentimes cannot voice their own needs.  In our experience, all of our 24-hour clients much prefer to stay at home, where they tend to fare better emotionally and psychologically, instead of being in an Alzheimer’s facility or end of life facility.

  • We will provide a more comfortable experience, while still maintaining the necessary medical standards relying on hospice, home health, and other medical partners.
  • We will work with the client’s family and the client to create an overall non-medical care plan for all the caregivers caring for the client. This will also help alleviate stress on the client’s family.
  • Unlike facilities, we will keep the client’s family apprised at every step of way; the client’s family can drop by to check in at any time. Our caregivers are also fine with the presence of safety cameras (if they are made aware).
  • We will work with long-term care insurance to take care of all the paperwork. To learn more about how we work with long-term care insurance, click here.

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